What is TikTok

Due to the fact that recently the TikTok application is gaining crazy momentum, we simply have to figure out what it is, how to use it, what to eat and drink with. So, TikTok is a service for creating and viewing short videos. At the moment, 3 minutes is the maximum time limit on the platform, more on get tik tok views.

What is inside?

TikTok is pretty easy to use. Now I’ll tell you about the interface:

As soon as we enter the application, we find ourselves on the «home» tab with the house icon. Here we can already watch videos, which ones are up to you. At the top, two sections are visible — «Subscriptions» and «Recommended». The first section shows videos of only those people you subscribed to, and the second shows videos of all users whose videos have flown into the so-called «rivers», but more on that later!

To the right of the video you are watching, there is an icon of the author with a small plus sign — with one touch on the icon, you can subscribe to the creator of the video; below the heart — put a like if the video hooked you or liked it; then — leave a comment; even lower — share the video. This column ends with a disc / plate with the image of the song that is involved in the video. Clicking on this plate will take you to a section with all the videos in which the same song is played. Also, you will go to this section if you click on the «scrolling» line in the lower left corner — this is the name of the song / sound. Slightly higher is the author’s nickname — by clicking on it, you will be taken to the profile of the video creator, where you can see even more of his creations.

Further, looking at the bottom panel, we see the following sections: «interesting», where you can see what songs and hashtags are in trend now, and in principle, you can get inspired by various ideas; «+ sign», where you can add your own video, edit or create; section «inbox», where you can see who subscribed to you, who liked, and who left a comment. In the same section, there is a transition to private messages. I want to note that you can correspond on this service only if you are subscribed to a person, and he is subscribed to you! ; Well, the «I» section ends the line — there you can see your profile, edit it as needed, etc.

Why is TikTok so popular?

Many people ask this question and I can safely say that everything is not casual!

As of December 2019, Tik-Tok has been downloaded 1.5 billion times, breaking all records.
TikTok is the only application in which you can not only shoot a video, but also edit it at a good level, since there are many different filters, masks, special effects, etc.

Thanks to the tiktok algorithms that “throw” videos of unknown people into recommendations, everyone has a great chance of becoming famous here. In the vastness of the site, you can find many talented guys and this has its own charm. The content here is done and served in a pleasant way for the most part, because of this the application is very addictive, it’s even better than flipping through memes in VK.

Tiktok will not include a child in his video recommendations who looks under the age of 13 and is without adults in the video. Thus, there is practically no children’s content, which is a big plus for most users.

TikTok history

The idea of ??the social network with short-term clips belongs to the Musical.ly program, which Zhang’s company (the founder of TikTok) ByteDance bought on 12/09/2017 for $ 1 billion. The app itself was created in 2014 by Alex Zhu and Liu Yang. Here you could create a small video and share it with your friends. At that time, there were about 100 million participants.

In 2015-2016, the businessman bought out another short video platform — Xigua Video. The date of the end of September 2016 belongs to the launch of the new music social network Douyin instead of Musici, it is available only for the PRC. But given that by the end of the year, the app had 100 million downloaded and registered accounts, Douyin will be a success.

In the fall of 2017, a copy of Douyin appeared called TikTok. Launched in Indonesia, but China is still considered the manufacturing country. The platform is now available for the global market. 08/02/2018, the two programs TikTok and Musicali were merged, which made it possible to use the improved functionality of the social network. This made short videos with music even cooler.

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